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35mm Slide Calculator (Minimum order £60)

95p per slide

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Add on screen Titles to your Film Information

Add titles to my film - £2.50 per screen

Add titles to my film - £2.50 per screen

On-screen titles are now available to really personalise your film. Perhaps it’s a dedication to a loved one, maybe you want to have the title of your film displayed such as

“The Smith Family Photos 1965-1975”

or maybe you want a title at the start of each decade. You could even have a title come up for every chapter saying the date, place and event for each one. Whatever use you find, titles can really add the professional touch.

You can have upto 2 lines per screen, maximum 30 characters per line.
£2.50 per screen.


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Silent Film Options
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Capturing Sound Reels

Add Instrumental Music - FREE
The most popular option for a photo slideshow is to use our 'instrumental music' with your photos.

No Music Required - FREE
Some people prefer to leave their slidshows silent for viewing. Choosing this option no sound track will be added to the final product.

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