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Cine Film Calculator (Minimum order £95)

£75 per 200 feet

Step 1 How many reels do you have?
Reel Guide
Reel Size
3" Reel (50 feet)
4" Reel (100 feet)
5" Reel (200 feet)
7" Reel (400 feet)
9" Reel (800 feet)
12" Reel (1200 feet)
13.5" Reel (1600 feet)


Are any of your small 9.5mm reels 'Baby Pathe' spools?
If so, we are happy to remove the film from the spools for you and transfer them for you, but advise there is a £10/spool charge for handling.

How many of your small 9.5mm reels are 'Baby Pathe'?

Qty :    


Calculating your order in feet If you have reels with odd amounts of film on them - for instance a 400 foot reel that contains 250 feet of film, and a 200 foot reel that has 150 feet, etc. you may find it easier to add up the total amount of feet and enter it here. The form will then charge you according to the total feet you enter, rather than the total number of reels.

You should still enter the actual number of reels you are sending and the size spools they are on, regardless of the amount of film on them. This is so we can check we have received everything safely at our end. So long as you tick the "Calculate my order in feet" option, your price will be based on the number of feet you enter.

We charge £55 for each 15mins of film.

You have approx 0 minutes in your order.
Step 2 Do you want HD (2K) or Ultra HD (4K)?
Full HD

Films will be scanned
at 1920 x 1080


Films will be scanned
at 3840 x 2160

Step 3 Do you want MPEG or ProRes? (Online Gallery also included FREE with ALL orders)

HD Data Rate: 4.6GB/hr
4K Data Rate: 22GB/hr

ProRes 422

HD Data Rate: 55GB/hr
4K Data Rate: 160GB/hr

Optional extra
Image Sequence

Individual JPEG image file for every
cell of your film

USB stick/hard drive required. Approx.

Hard Drive/USB sticks Required

You can send your own hard drive or USB sticks, or add a brand new one to your order.

We sell 500Gb and 1TB Samsung/Toshiba hard drives.
We also sell 16Gb, 32Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb Kingston/Toshiba USB sticks.
USB sticks comes in a gift box.

Your FREE Karishma Cloud Gallery:
Step 4 Sound:
Sound Reels £50 per half hour:
Step 5 Other Services:
Video tapes £60 1-9 tapes £50 10+ tapes
Video tapes
35mm Slide 95p each
35mm Slides
Unprocessed Super8 Film processing £30 each For those shooting on Super8, we offer a processing service to get your films developed. This includes Kodak Vision 3: 50D, 200T, 500T. For other stock please contact us first
Unprocessed film
7 Day Express Service
Adds 30% to the total order
Step 6 Free Collection & Delivery:
How are you getting your films to us?
How would you like them returned?
Job Title:
Step 7 About you:
Privacy Policy
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